The Ins and Outs of the Extraordinary Bay of Fundy


There are high tides and then there are really high tides. In the everyday experience of most people, the average difference between high and low tide hovers around three feet. But, there’s a tide that’s so big it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. Measuring in at an astounding 55 feet, it is the natural phenomenon known as Canada’s Bay of Fundy. Continue reading

The Tao of Taos: Rediscovering America the Beautiful


Framed by the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos, New Mexico is a place made of dreams; there’s sprawling desert, unspoiled alpine wilderness and a sun-baked adobe town, steeped in American history. The town is home to three cultures; the Tiwa-speaking Indians, and the descendants of the Spanish and Anglo settlers who came later, all of whose unique customs and traditions have blended together. Imagine a place where the Old West is still very much alive, and that would be Taos. It’s a miracle the town isn’t overridden by tourists. Continue reading

Going Underground at the Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral/Photo: herebydesign/net

When summer temperatures start to soar, it’s a blessing to find a peaceful, secluded place to unwind. That’s why this time of year, I like to head to the Washington National Cathedral. I bypass the main sanctuary, though, and take the stairs down underground. There, I find cool refuge in the beautiful chapels of the lower level. Continue reading

The Fringe Benefits of Wearing the Same Outfit Every Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 7.59.21 AM

Donna Karan:

Many years ago when I was working in Paris, the head of the firm’s accounting team came to the office each Monday dressed to kill. I can still remember a couple of her trademark outfits: skinny black leather pants with a stretch lace top and a bodycon pencil skirt with a billowy silk blouse (black bra underneath.) A pair of sky-high black heels accompanied each look. It was an exciting show, yes. But what really got my attention was that once she (let’s call her Claude) chose her outfit, she purposely wore it every day, all week long. Continue reading

Boost Your Recall with A Trip through the Memory Palace


There’s a great book by John Crowley called “Little Big” that unfolds in multiple dimensions, leading the reader on an ever expanding journey of the mind. Much of the journey is made possible by an ancient memorization technique called the memory palace. The idea of a palace that lived in the mind so intrigued me that I began experimenting with creating one of my own. Now, when I need to remember things, I just stroll through my memory palace and recover what I’m trying to recall. Continue reading

Digital Flashcards Can Make You Smarter About Almost Anything

Simpson language flashcard by

Cartoon alien language flashcard by

For many of us, the thought of flashcards brings back memories of rigid, 3 x 5 paper cards, imprinted with such fascinating materials as plus and minus tables or individual foreign words. Jump forward decades to today and flashcards have become as tech savvy as we are. Now, in a complete role reversal, it is we who determine what information goes on the cards and how and when we want to use them.

New online digital programs for flashcards are making all of this possible, and they’re designed to make students and self-motivated learners smarter about almost any subject they care to explore. Continue reading

Edible Insects May Hold The Key To Sustainable Food Sourcing

shutterstock_281709074 (1)

In an unusual turn of culinary events, edible insects are shaping one of today’s top trends in sustainable food sourcing. Crickets, grasshoppers, ants, even earthworms, are being dry roasted, fried, sautéed and turned into flour. This type of cuisine might not be for everyone, but if you can overcome the initial aversion, it just might be worth the effort. Continue reading

The Happy Sunny Allure of Lilly Pulitzer Clothing

I grew up in the land of pink and green preppies in northern Delaware, home to Lilly Pulitzer fans by the thousands. Who didn’t covet the bold and bright colored print dresses for the annual spring break vacation? There seemed to be nothing cooler than Lilly Pulitzer style. The only problem was, my mother wasn’t on board with the look. Continue reading