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Garden by Carole Funger of Here By Design

“Excellently observed,” answered Candide, “but let us take care of our garden.”

I was born in Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in the Brandywine Valley, home to two famous gardens, Longwood and Winterthur Estate. These amazing properties had a huge impact on me.  As a child, I was always trying to ‘save’ scruffy-looking plants or design mini garden estates of my own. Growing up, I also loved writing stories. My father’s secretary would type my mini narratives on official office paper and dad would bring the ‘published’ works home for the whole family to enjoy.


Me, in my great uncles’s garden in Worcester, MA

Later in life, I attended Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania where I studied French and business administration. Following graduation, I relocated to Paris, where I worked as an intern for a Belgian pharmaceutical company (I was the only American!) Living in Paris and traveling around Europe gave me a whole new perspective on gardens and what they can do for the human soul.

Moving to Washington, D.C. seemed a natural choice after life overseas. My French language skills landed me in the international department of a Georgetown-based public relations firm where I helped create social marketing campaigns geared towards solving problems affecting the developing world.

Me, in Buenos Aires’ El Rosedal

I left full-time work to raise three daughters and when they reached their teens, I went back to my ‘roots’ designing gardens. I began by creating small, themed gardens for my girls and later, expanded into designing larger spaces for extended family and friends. Ten years later, my gardening business Here By Design, LLC has grown to include clients from all over the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.

Along the way, I’ve continued to work as a freelance writer. And in 2016, I became a Maryland Master Gardener and now co-chair a demonstration garden in Montgomery County that draws thousands of visitors annually.

My blog, Here By Design is about gardens and gardening; about living life in harmony with the environment and appreciating the intrinsic beauty of the natural world. It’s an excuse for me to write and to talk about beautiful gardens, sustainable landscapes, wanderings of the mind and of course, garden style. I see notes of the garden everywhere and in all things. I hope, after reading my blog, you will too.

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