Finally, A ‘Phenomenal’ Lavender That Looks Good All Winter

They said it couldn’t be done, but finally, there’s a new kind of lavender that looks good all winter. Appropriately dubbed ‘Phenomenal’, it’s so good that it’s now being used for municipal plantings. To understand the hype, I purchased a few plants for a trial run. What I discovered was nothing short of, well, phenomenal. Continue reading

Why Christmas Trees Smell So Good


When I was a teen, a French girl came to live with us for the summer. She caused quite a stir in our button-down  town with her skinny jeans, lace-up wedge espadrilles and oversized red glasses. That being said, what I remember most was her preference for a men’s cologne named Pino Sylvestre. Wherever she went, an intoxicating ‘green’ fragrance trailed in her wake. Continue reading

Top Plants for Creating A Year-Round Fragrant Garden

Rose pink

Years ago, I was visiting Peru in December when a sweet perfume came drifting across the warm afternoon air. For a moment I was confused, until I realized the smell was none other than the scent of roses. And rounding the corner there they were, a stunning collection of pink, velvety blooms beckoning me over to their fragrant garden. Continue reading